Turkish hybrid “Capricorn” (Capricorn, Yuksel Tohum) – a variety of cucumber with almost no disadvantages: ultra-early (ripens in 32-35 days after germination), parthenocarpic (self-pollinating, does not require “services” of bees), resistant to adverse conditions even under such conditions gives a stable harvest with quality fruit), high yield.

The use of cucumber is universal: fresh, for salads, for canning. Very well stored and transported.

“Capricorn” is sown in open ground in late May – June, when the soil is well warmed, to a depth of 3-4 cm. The distance between plants is 12-15 cm. In a greenhouse, under film or in disposable containers (for seedling propagation) ” Capricorn ”is sown a month and a half earlier. Cucumbers need fertile, loose, moist soil. If you soak the seeds in water for 12 hours before sowing, it will come up faster. Grows at a temperature of 13-15 degrees.

The optimum temperature for cucumber is 25-27 degrees, the allowable limits are 18-30 degrees.

10 degrees and below or 35 degrees and above inhibit development. “Capricorn” feels bad at 15 degrees. High humidity and low temperatures provoke rot. When the temperature approaches zero, the plant dies.

Caprikorna’s branch is strongly branched, but the side shoots are short. The stem is formed by pinching the lower shoots and top when the plant reaches 1-1.5 meters. Tied up.

Capricorn fruits are 12–14 cm long (3–3.5 cm in diameter), weigh 100–130 g. The main crop yields in the first month.

Further care for cucumbers is simple: watering, weeding, loosening the soil. Capricorn should also be fertilized with potassium fertilizers.

The variety is resistant to root rot, cucumber mosaic virus, resistance to powdery mildew.