The regular style (classic garden style) appeared for the first time in France during the Renaissance – Versailles Park.

The classic, formal or regular style of the garden involves geometrically correct planning with pronounced symmetry and rationality of the landscape composition.

The main elements of a classic garden

  • the basis of the classical style is orderliness and rationality;
  • straight symmetrical alleys;
  • clear geometric shapes of flower beds, lawns, paving paths, reservoirs;
  • fountains located in the center of the site or in the center of the composition created on the site;
  • plants cut into geometric shapes;
  • natural stone;
  • availability of open spaces;
  • the classic form of garden gazebos placed at the intersection of paths;
  • the main element of this style is the “parterre”;
  • flowers – one or two-color palette from annual plants.

Characteristic colors for a classic garden

Colors of a classic, regular style (classic garden style): the main color is green, which is easy to match with one other color (white, beige, sandy, black, light terracotta).

Accessories for a regular garden

  • Sculptures, stone balls;
  • arches, classic columns, vases;
  • forged pergolas and benches;
  • borders in a classic style;
  • container planting of plants;
  • high walls, hedges. Sometimes these walls demarcate zones in the middle of the site.