The homeland of “Rkatsiteli” grapes is Georgia. This grape variety is still the most common in Georgia, along with Saperavi. It is in the Motherland that 60% of “Rkatsiteli” grows. But it is also grown in Ukraine – on the coast of the Black Sea.

“Rkatsiteli” is a white technical grape variety. It is provided for the production of various types of wines: table, dessert, fortified, it is also used for the production of cognac distillates. They also tried to make sparkling wines from it – not very successfully: the natural alcohol level is too high.

In addition to the classic use for the production of various wines, juice is also squeezed from this grape: the berries are sweet, juicy, the skin is strong, but thin.

It also tastes like fresh berries. Due to the hard skin, it can be stored intact for several months.

Compared to other technical grape varieties, “Rkatsiteli” is more frost-resistant. Light-loving. It grows well and bears fruit only with very good lighting.

Medium ripe.

It ripens at the beginning of October. Therefore, its range of distribution is limited to the southern regions.

The best soil for “Rkatsiteli” is chernozem: moist, loose, water- and air-permeable.

Resistant to oidium, mildew and phylloxera. But it can be damaged by a spider mite or cluster leafhopper.

Grapes are planted in pits 70 cm deep. Wood ash (2 cups) is poured into the bottom, drainage is expanded clay, gravel, crushed stone (up to 10 centimeters), soil mixture (soil with mineral fertilizers). The seedling should be planted in the hole so that all the buds are in the ground, only one bud is on top, and you should not plant too deep – no more than 45 centimeters.

It is necessary to water abundantly – from two buckets of water. And generously water young seedlings until mid-August, adult plants as needed.

Pruning is better in autumn.

It is advisable to feed the grapes every autumn.

Before sheltering for the winter, “Rkatsiteli” is sprayed against diseases (for example, a 3% solution of iron sulfate, 300 g per 10 liters of water).