A beautiful flowering balcony or window sill is a wonderful decoration of the facade of the house. In order to decorate your home with fresh flowers you need to buy or make containers yourself.

How to make wooden containers for flowers, we will consider in this article.

Flower lovers need to know what an important role weather conditions play for flowers, especially for those plants that grow in a pot. We need to pay more attention to potted plants than to those grown in the open. Namely: watering 2 times a day (early, evening), regular feeding (for lush flowering); protection from the scorching midday sun.

Advantages of a wooden container

  • Wooden containers do not deform in the sun;
  • Wooden containers are more durable (do not break or crack);
  • They can be painted in the desired color;
  • Wooden containers do not heat up as quickly in the sun as plastic containers;
  • Plants in a wooden container stay wet longer;

Required materials for a wooden container

We recommend that you prepare all the necessary tools and materials in advance, so as not to be distracted by their search.

We need:

  • plywood, board, the thickness of which must be not less than 2 centimeters;
  • wood paint;
  • metal angles;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver with drills;
  • screws, nails
  • wooden rails;
  • saw;
  • wood glue;
  • roulette;
  • pencil.

After checking the availability of all tools, you can get started.

Work plan:

The size of the container depends on the needs of the florist.

First you need to cut two rectangles of wood. Their height should be 2 cm, and length = width of the container – legs for future pots.

Next, make two identical rectangles, 15-20 cm wide, pot height (15-20 cm). They will serve as side walls.

Trim the front and back walls to the desired length, and don’t forget the bottom for the container.

We also need 4 rails the height of the pot to fix at the corners.

Using screws and wooden slats, you need to assemble the box. A rectangular product is made of ready-made faces of the future box, and rails greased with glue are installed on its corners – if necessary. After that, they are fixed with screws.

Inside the box also requires fixing.

Install the metal angles and secure them with screws. If you make very long containers, fasten another side in the middle – it will significantly strengthen our structure.

Now you need to drill holes in the bottom of your future box. They will serve as a drain of excess water.

The bottom is fixed according to the same scheme as the walls of the box.

When the pot is assembled, it should be smeared from the inside, with special protection against rot or cover with plastic wrap.

At the bottom of the box should lay out a drainage system, which will include pieces of foam and expanded clay, a layer of sand (3 cm).

Your box is ready and you just have to decorate it. Paint it in the desired color or paint in different colors.