Rouge Cardinal (clematis of the Jacquemann group) is one of the most attractive varieties of ornamental vines. Large velvety flowers (10–16 cm in diameter) of red-purple color with 6 petals with a well-marked lighter stripe, bloom in late June.

Against the background of dark petals stand out light beige stamens. Decorate the garden or wall until September. The variety of the French selection was awarded a gold medal at an exhibition in the Netherlands in 1968, in 1970 he received a diploma of the first degree.

Clematis loves the sun or partial shade. Drafts should be avoided. You should take care of the support – at least 1.5 meters high. For the seedling dig a hole the size of 50 × 50 cm, depth 60 cm, fertilize with superphosphate and humus. There should be a distance of at least 70 cm between the plants. Drainage of up to 15 cm should be poured on the bottom of the pit, and then half of the volume should be filled with humus or compost. It is better to do this in advance – a month before planting. A tubercle is piled up in the hole, a seedling is placed on it, the roots are straightened and covered with a soil mixture.

The stem of “Rose Cardinal” grows to 240-360 centimeters.

It attaches very well to artificial supports or trees or shrubs.

“Rouge Cardinal” is not capricious, resistant to disease and frost-resistant – can withstand -34.4 degrees. But preventive spraying still will not hurt, in particular fungicides.

Clematis loves a lot of water, it should be watered at least once a week.

You also need to regularly weed and loosen the soil. Twice a month fed with fertilizers, combining organic matter with mineral complexes. During flowering, sprayed with a solution of “manganese”, you can also a weak solution of boric acid.

After flowering “Cardinal Roses” cut, remove old flowers, leave 20 cm stems. They cover for the winter.