There are different types of roses: miniature roses, patio roses, standard roses, climbing roses, shrub roses, tea roses, ground cover roses. Miniature roses begin to bloom already at the beginning of May, but you can find flowering pots in stores at any time of the year.

Miniature roses (indoor or dwarf) – the height of such roses is no more than 30 cm, the flowers are small with a diameter of up to 2 cm. Dwarf roses can be planted in flower beds, but for the winter they need to be insulated or transplanted into pots and grown indoors.

Types of miniature roses:

Bebi Darling – terry, orange-pink, odorless, height up to 30 cm.
Dudy Fischer – terry, pink, odorless height up to 30 cm.
Yellow Doll – terry, yellow, has a smell, height up to 25 cm.
Scarlet Gem – terry, bright red, odorless, height up to 30 cm.

Caring for indoor roses

Air temperature

The temperature should be moderate, during the period of active growth 14-20 degrees.

Brightness of light

Bright light is necessary for abundant flowering, sunny windowsills are best suited, in winter – additional artificial lighting is needed.

Watering and air humidity

The water should be soft, at room temperature; in the summer, water often, as the soil dries out, in the winter, during the rest period – once every 7 days. It needs high humidity, the leaves need to be sprayed often (it does not like dry air).

Care after flowering

In autumn, miniature roses are transplanted into open ground, in spring they are cut to half. In order for the rose to bloom in early spring, the pot with the rose is buried in the soil in the fall, dug up in the winter, moved to an unheated room for one or two weeks, gradually raising the temperature.


After flowering, it is desirable to transplant into a larger pot. An annual complete transplant of the rose is not required.


Miniature roses are propagated by cuttings.


To protect indoor roses from spider mites, you need to spray them regularly (once every 30 days) with special solutions that will provide your roses with proper care, and they will delight you with bright colors and a pleasant smell for a long time.