In autumn, all types of roses need only sanitation.

Thanks to the autumn sanitary pruning the rose will become stronger, winter hardiness will increase. Due to thinning shoots will receive more light, improve air circulation and reduce the risk of fungal diseases. In addition, pruned roses are much easier to cover for the winter. Both adult plants and young specimens planted this year need sanitary pruning.

When to prune roses in the fall

The main thing in pruning roses in the fall is time. Pruning roses before night frosts is not recommended. Too early pruning of roses stimulates the growth of new young shoots, which can weaken the plant in winter. Therefore, roses should be pruned only after the final cooling, and it can be the end of October, as well as the end of November, and the beginning of December, it all depends on the cyclones.

How to properly prune roses for the winter

For procedures, arm yourself with a sharp and clean secateurs, garden saws and scissors. Therefore, you should delete:

  • dry and damaged shoots;
  • woody shoots older than 5 years;
  • those shoots that may break from strong winds or a thick layer of snow;
  • underdeveloped inflorescences and buds;
  • make incisions at a distance of about 5-6 mm above the kidney.

After the procedure should be about 4-5 healthy and strong shoots.

To avoid infection, after the procedure, treat large sections with garden pitch or charcoal.

Destroy fallen leaves and other plant remains so that pests do not multiply in the garden. And the basic pruning of all kinds of roses is better to do in the spring, in the beginning of March.