A container garden is an original type of flower garden and an element of landscape design. Such a mobile flower garden will decorate not only the yard, but also your stairs, balconies and terraces.

Flowers in containers are becoming increasingly popular. These are small compositions that complement large flower beds, or the creation of small flower beds in places where it is impossible to plant plants in the ground, connecting the landscape of the garden into a single composition. Plants in containers are an element of quick change of scenery, they can, with your help, change their place in the garden at different times of the year, changing the appearance of the garden or yard each time.

Container gardening provides many opportunities for garden design:

Decoration of shady areas

With the arrival of guests, you can decorate the shady part of the recreation area or patio area. Just display a group of containers with bright flowers on it. It is difficult for planted flowers that are in permanent shade to bloom, the reason for this is the lack of sufficient lighting; and flowers planted in containers allow you to decorate the most “hopeless” places.

Containers in flower beds

Containers can also be displayed in flower beds. This helps in those situations when the flowers have already faded and you need to urgently decorate the empty places. Most often, this method is used when changing spring onion flowers (in the second half of summer, they do not even have leaves left).

Terraces, open areas

Container gardens are placed mainly on recreation grounds, terraces, open balconies. A container garden on a balcony or terrace is the only opportunity to green and add different colors, which looks very beautiful and stylish.

Bright spots on the lawn

A container garden can be placed on the lawn by closely grouping the containers.

It will turn out a kind of flower lawn.

“Flowering Wall”

Containers can be hung on the walls of buildings and on garden partitions. The more containers with flowers – the more beautiful.

“Flowering Stairs”

Containers look beautiful on elevations and all kinds of stairs.

Gravel garden

Containers look stylish on gravel. It can be both a gravel garden and a small gravel plot made specifically for containers. It should be slightly larger in area than the container garden will occupy.

Combination of containers with lighting

It means a combination with lamps on solar batteries. Just put or place the solar lamp in a container, it is better to choose decorative lamps. During the day it will look like a composition of flowers with figurines, and in the evening – like unusual lighting.

Container garden as an element of style

A container garden as an element of style emphasizes the style of the garden. Both plants and containers play the main role here. The style of the containers, their color scheme should clearly match the style of the garden, and then you don’t even need a lot of garden accessories to emphasize it, the style will be visible at first glance.

Exotics in a container

Even the most demanding flowers can be grown in containers, it is easier to create specific conditions for more demanding plants in a container, and in case of adverse weather conditions, the container can be easily hidden inside the house.

The practicality of a container garden

Containers in the yard are never superfluous, you can plant not only flowers in them, but also fragrant herbs that are used for food.

If you don’t like something in the composition or the flower has faded, you can easily replace it with other plants.

Author containers

Simple containers can be decorated independently, and unique and original author’s elements will appear in your garden. The simplest plastic containers can be painted, decorated in various ways. Containers can be anything – use your imagination.

Rules for making container compositions

Space for a container bed

First, we choose a place for a container flower bed. In container gardening, there should be a composition that includes the center of the composition, subordinate objects and auxiliary objects.

The center of the composition

The center of the composition is determined depending on the height and size of the containers and plants: if all the containers are in the same color scheme, the center is the container with the most expressive plant, and if the container is patterned, the center is the brightest container. Such a center of the composition is placed in the middle of the composition, if the style of the garden is classical, and if the style of the garden is oriental or modern, the containers are placed asymmetrically to the right.

Objects of subcontracting in the composition

3-4 most expressive containers with plants are placed from the center at different distances from the main container.

Auxiliary containers

Auxiliary containers, less bright and smaller in size, are placed in the last rows so as to visually align the composition.