In this article you will find tips for long and abundant flowering of surfinia and petunias.

When planting petunias or sulfinias on our windowsill or in a hanging pot, we want them to bloom until late autumn. But it often happens that their stems become bare, the number of flowers decreases and the plant loses its attractiveness. How to make the flowering of sulfinia abundant and long-lasting, we will tell in this article.

Following these rules, you will get a lush plant with many buds and flowers of petunias, surfinia, which will delight you with flowers from the end of May to October.

1. A large pot for surfinia, petunias

Plant roots require space, so petunias are planted at a certain distance from each other: 30 cm for varieties that form large bushes; 25 cm for varieties with large flowers; 20 cm for small flowers. If the seedlings are planted in pots, the following rule should be followed – a 5-liter pot per bush.

2. Fertile substrate for surfinia, petunias

Petunia grows well on sandy and loamy soils and in open sunny areas.

Compost or humus should be applied before planting. To create a good air-permeable soil, the soil is also mixed with peat, you can add ash. Seedlings are planted together with a lump of earth, it is better to plant them in a permanent place in the evening, and not earlier than the second half of May. After planting, the plants are abundantly watered, and the next day they are mulched to prevent rapid evaporation of moisture.

3. What and how to feed surfinia and petunias

The first application of fertilizers for sulfiniums and petunias is carried out a week after they have been transplanted to a permanent place (flower bed, pot). At the very beginning, it is necessary to feed with nitrogen fertilizers so that the bush grows faster. A little later, to stimulate flowering, it is worth using phosphorus and potassium mixtures, or ready-made mineral fertilizers for surfinia, petunias. They must be applied at the beginning of budding. Top dressing of petunias is carried out at least once every five days. Fertilizers are applied both by root and extra-root methods.

4. Sufficient watering for surfinia, petunias

Petunias, surfinias like abundant watering, with a lack of moisture, flowering weakens, but it is important not to allow overwetting of the earthen clod, in this case, fungal diseases may occur. If the plant is in a pot or vase, it is necessary to make drainage. Surfinia, petunia should be watered in the evening every day or every other day, under the roots of the plant, so as not to damage the flowers. On a hot summer day, this procedure is performed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

5. Pinching of surfinia, petunias

Surfinia and petunias need regular pinching. Such actions will make the plant more lush, pinch the twig above the third leaf. It is better to do this with the top of the shoots so that the side branches grow.

To form a beautiful flowering ball, it is also necessary to pinch the side stems when they grow 10-15 cm in length. An important procedure is the removal of faded flowers, which take a lot of energy from the plant due to the formation of seed pods. Such simple actions will accelerate the formation of new buds. By following these simple rules, you can get a beautiful plant that will delight you with flowers from the end of May to October.