The seeds for the lawn (Lawn seeds) are selected taking into account the further use of the grassy area: whether it is a lawn for mobile games or a patio area, the seed mixture can differ dramatically in the quality and varieties of cereals. When buying a lawn mixture, carefully read the instructions, which indicate the purpose of the lawn.

There are several types of lawn grasses: sports, English (ground floor), garden and park, meadow (Moorish), universal lawn.

Sports lawn

Sports lawn – sown in places where you plan a playground, children’s area or area for walking pets. The composition of sports mixtures includes herbs that are not afraid of trampling. Such lawns are dense, hard and unpretentious. Under such lawns make a stronger substrate to avoid breaking the grass. For playgrounds and play areas, it is recommended to sow sports mixes that can withstand constant trampling.

English (ground) lawn

English lawn – the complete opposite of sports, does not tolerate movement on it. The main purpose of such a lawn is decorative (contemplation). Mixtures consist of expensive delicate herbs that require rich soil, constant care and pruning, are afraid of shady places and trampling. In the landscape, the English lawn looks luxurious and expensive, but it is a purely decorative place, where picnics and tea parties are excluded.

Garden and park lawn

Garden and park lawn – the easiest way to make a lawn in the yard or cottage with your own hands. The cereals that are part of it are unpretentious, tolerate both shade and direct sunlight, grow on poor soils. Therefore, for recreation areas, patios, swimming pools, it is best to choose a garden lawn.

Meadow (Moorish) lawn

Meadow lawn – a flowering lawn with a bright palette of colors for the whole summer. If you like a variety of field grasses and meadows dotted with flowers, then choose this type of lawn. The mixture for a meadow lawn can be created by yourself, choosing plants so that they alternately bloom throughout the spring-autumn period. An easier option is to buy ready-made, where herbs are already selected that get along well, do not drown out each other and have bright colors. These types of lawns are rarely mowed (only to remove faded plants and allow the next flowers to germinate). Walking on such a lawn is not recommended (height up to 20 cm).

The grass will bend underfoot and the lawn will lose its decorativeness. Meadow lawns, especially Moorish, are great for country-style landscaping and look natural.

Universal lawn

The universal lawn is created very quickly, because it uses ready-rolled strips of grass.

They are sold with turf and quickly take root in a new place. With the help of rolled materials, grassy areas are quickly arranged on the area where the movement is planned. As an ornamental, ground lawn, this option is not suitable, because for its cultivation using unpretentious hard grasses that do not have high aesthetic qualities. Keep in mind that such lawns will cost much more than sowing grass for the lawn. Rolled strips require special soil preparation and the ability to properly line them. Rolled lawns are a universal type of lawns (although expensive!), Where you can create recreation areas or playgrounds.