How to save cucumbers for the winter. The best way to preserve most of the vitamins contained in cucumbers is to ferment cucumbers.

Pickles cucumbers are excellent home-made preparations for the winter. After all, when cooked, they are not subject to heat treatment, so their vitamins are stored until spring. So, we preserve pickles for the winter …

Recipe for pickles

Pickles: ingredients for one 3-liter jar

  • cucumbers – 2 kg
  • dill – 30 g (1 umbrella)
  • garlic – 4 cloves
  • black pepper – 4 peas
  • leaves – horseradish (1 piece), cherries (5 pieces), black currant (4 pieces)

For brine:

water – 1.5 liters
salt – 3 tablespoons

Pickles: cooking

Wash cucumbers and jars, cut off the tips of the cucumbers, put half of the greens and spices on the bottom of the jars, put the cucumbers, fill with brine, put the rest of the greens on top.

Jars should be covered with nylon lids and kept at room temperature for 3-4 days. Brine during this time should become cloudy, foamy, may leak.

To find out if the cucumbers are ready, you need to taste them for 4 days. When the cucumbers are ready, the cucumber brine should be poured into a saucepan and boiled. If necessary, add pickles from another jar, pour hot brine into jars with cucumbers and roll up with a lid.

Pickles cucumbers are ready.